Minecraft "Creeper" Head Costume

Sarah Kellogg

Ok, so I know this isn't furniture/vintage/interior design related, but it is crafty and I know some of you want to know how I made my son's Minecraft Creeper head.  So I am going to tell you how to make one of your own here on my blog. 
I'm not going to lie, it was pretty easy, but TIME CONSUMING!!!  It was all worth it though to see the look on his face when he saw it and he truly appreciated me making it for him.  Hey, that's what moms are for, right?  Right? 
Supplies needed:
cardboard box
box cutter
glue (craft glue)
glue stick
paint samples (approximately 40 larger samples)
a stiff drink for when you are done (you are going to need it!)
Step 1:
Find a box that fit's your child's head.  You want it to be just a little bit bigger that his head.  If it's too small it will smash his face and if it is too small it wobble around and won't stay on his head.  Cut out the bottom of the box (this is the opening that his head will go in.
Step 2:
Get lots of paint samples in various shades of green from almost white to almost black.  Get the larger samples that you can pick up at a paint store.  I used these (Benjamin Moore) and it took around 40 of them. 
Step 3:
Cut them into squares.  On the back of the samples I used above, there were lines where you could cut into smaller pieces, so I used that as a guideline. 
Step 4:
Cut those squares into squares (each square gets quartered...confused yet?). 
Remember, I did say this was time consuming.
Step 5:
Ok, now you are going to remove all the tape and any labels from the box.  Glue where you need to secure where tape was previously holding the box together.  Let dry. 
Step 6:
Next is making holes for the eyes.  This part is tricky.  I placed the box on my head and with a pen tried to put marks where I felt my eyes were.  This took several attempts and I'm sure I looked quite ridiculous doing this, but I finally got it.  Now, use a paint square as a template and trace around it for each eye.  Use a box cutter to cut out the eyes.
Step 7:
Now its time to glue the squares on and you want to start with the face.  I found an image online of the "creeper" and used that to refer to for a pattern of which shades to put where.  You want to start with the dark around the eyes first and then work your way down.  It's also easiest to work from left to right.  After you finish the bottom half, go to the top of the face and work your way from the top left corner down (in columns) slightly overlapping each square over the previous square. 
*Tip:  Its easier to use the glue stick directly on the box rather than on each square.  You can work much faster this way.
Step 8:
Mix up the rest of your squares so that all of the colors are mixed up really well.  For the rest of the sides of the box you are going to totally pick up the paint squares at random.  There is no rhyme or reason to the pattern.  Again, start with the top left corner and work your way down in a column slightly overlapping each square.  When you get to the bottom, go up to the top and start another column.
Step 9:
After you have done all the sides and top, trim the squares hanging below the bottom (if needed).  There you have it!  A really cool, pixelated Creeper head!
Now go have that drink!

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